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Off-road Camping Trailers

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Off-road RTT overlanding trailer


Soloist Outdoor was founded to empower those who enjoy exploring all that is our beautiful natural world and that love finding our place in nature. Explore safely and leave no trace my friends.

Discover Adventure with Soloist Outdoor: The Ultimate Overland Experience


Welcome to the world of outdoor exploration with Soloist Outdoor. Prepare for the journey of a lifetime with our innovative trailers designed for the modern adventurer. Whether you're a seasoned overlanding enthusiast or new to the outdoor scene, Soloist Outdoor offers everything you need to elevate your next expedition.


At the heart of our collection lies a range of trailers expertly crafted to accommodate roof top tents. Engineered for durability and precision, these trailers provide convenience wherever your travels take you. Simply park your vehicle, unfold your roof top tent, and prepare for a night under the stars. With spacious interiors for gear and rugged yet lightweight construction, our trailers are designed to withstand the challenges of life on the road.


 With an off-road camping gear trailer in tow, you can bring along all the essentials for a memorable outdoor experience, from portable stoves to folding chairs.


The true allure of overland camping lies in the freedom it provides. With Soloist Outdoor trailers, you can explore remote wilderness areas and uncover hidden gems off the beaten path. And with a small trailer for provisions, you can bring along all the gear you need for camping and recreational activities without being weighed down by bulky equipment.


So why wait? Prepare for adventure with Soloist Outdoor and experience the thrill of overland camping like never before. With our innovative trailers and unwavering commitment to quality, you'll be ready to hit the road and embrace the great outdoors in style. Join the Soloist Outdoor community today and make memories that will last a lifetime.


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